Where the Tedd meets the track

Go-Karts, Astronauts, all the same thing...

Go-Karts, Astronauts, all the same thing…

This weekend marked Teddy’s first real experience with “professional grade” go-kart racing! Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix is a great place and totally fun for all ages. It’s pricey and the time you have goes quick, but it’s definitely a treat for everyone.

Teddy was fitted with a helmet and a neck brace, then made his way out into the arena. He had an 8 minute practice prior to his two qualifying races, so it was a good chance for him to get his feet wet without penalty. After the practice, all of the kids were broken into teams of 5 – 7 kids. Teddy was put into the fourth bracket, also the lowest. Not surprising as this is his first attempt at racing! His best lap time was 32 seconds.

Each bracket took an 8 minute qualifying trip around the course and were ranked based on their best lap time.  The first go-around Teddy scored a 27 second lap. After all brackets were done with the first qualifying set, they began another rotation. Teddy’s time came in at 25 seconds :)) A big improvement!

Races are now every Saturday morning. They start at 9:00 a.m. and everyone races around the track (in their brackets) until the leader reaches 30 laps.  The kids are ranked on their times and are awarded weekly points for their times that tally up in the league records.

March 23 will be the last event, just in time for our Lego Land vacation! What a great few weeks for this kid!

Here are some pics!

Kevin and Tedd, father and son.

Kevin and Tedd, father and son.

The pit.

A blurry shot of our guy! A blurry shot of our guy!


The lobby area that overlooks the track.


One thought on “Where the Tedd meets the track

  1. I feel so lucky to be able to participate in so many of Ted’s activities – living close to you guys allows me not to miss anything!

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