Oven Baked Hard Boiled Eggs

So if there’s one thing that annoys the crap out of me in the kitchen, it’s not having a perfect recipe for something I make all the time. Like hard boiled eggs. We go through eggs in this house like we’re feeding a small army – it amazes me how many my son can put down in day! Granted, he only eats the whites, but still!

I’ve found a lot of success with hard boiling eggs but I’m always looking to perfect the way I do it.  I  used to literally boil the eggs for 14 minutes, but then realized it was just as effective to turn off the gas (saving some pennies) and throw a lid on it and let them sit for 14 minutes.

I bumped into a method the other day while I was Pinteresting and I had to give this new approach a try.  I mean, this could seriously revolutionize the way I do my eggs. This is big stuff!

Oven Baked Hard Boiled Eggs.

Maybe it’s the oxymoron I dig. Maybe it’s the fact that I can do this deed with a cupcake pan and who doesn’t like the cuteness of a cupcake pan?!  Who knows?!  I gave this method a whirl on a very rainy Thursday afternoon – a perfectly cozy time to try new things in the kitchen 🙂

I set the oven to Preheat at 325 degrees, then added the eggs to the cupcake pan. No spray, no nothing! Easy peesy! Notice our egg container…we buy 2 1/2 dozen at a time!


Once the oven was done preheating, I tossed these bad boys into the oven and set the timer for 30 minutes. Then I went and vacuumed the living room, washed two windows and scrubbed down our glass storm door.  Yay for motivation!

When the timer went off, I removed the eggs from the oven and, using plastic tongs, transferred each eggie into a bowl of ice water.


After five minutes or so, I took the eggs out of their ice bath and put them into a pretty blue bowl.  Some people like to store their eggs in a closed container because they feel that the smells of their fridge absorb into their eggs, but I’ve never experienced that.  Plus, it’s nice to have a pretty bowl in the fridge instead of the usual Rubbermaid!


So on our way out of the bath, we lost a soldier.  He jumped from my spoon and landed on the counter with an splat.  Looks like we have a tester volunteer!

Upon inspection, I noticed this egg had two brown spots on it that were a result of the shell resting against the side of the cupcake pan while baking.  They aren’t terribly offensive since these eggs are not for display purposes, and there was no change in taste, but I wouldn’t want the spots if I was preparing deviled eggs for a party.


And now to answer the big question of peeling.  It was…great!  This egg peeled super easily. One trick I’ve learned with hard boiled eggs has to do with age.  Eggs that are a little older tend to peel much more easily than very fresh eggs. These eggs have been in my fridge for about a week.

The final word on taste: Yum! The yolk was perfectly done and the whites weren’t rubbery at all. I will definitely cook eggs this way again!


I feel great about having this snack in the fridge for Tedster.  He gets a protein punch that’s crucial during football season and there’s not a lot of weight in his tummy to irritate him on the field.  Nine times out of ten he’ll choose an egg over a bag of chips or box of cookies…how could I not keep these stocked?!


* So my mom says, “Why would you want to run your oven for 30 minutes?!” and she’s right, both from a heat perspective and a gas perspective.  My response: I’d time it well. If I’m roasting a roast on a Sunday afternoon, I can toss these babies in for a spin, too. For sure, I wouldn’t run the oven simply to cook eggs, especially on a hot summer day…not worth it!



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