Frozen Breakfast Burritos

If your weekday mornings are anything like ours, it’s a miracle we get out of the house each day alive, clean and fed.  I’ve found some store-bought breakfast foods Tedd likes and can make himself, such as waffles and Hot Pockets, but I’d really prefer him to have something homemade.  This summer I’m trying a few recipes that I can prepare ahead of time and keep in the freezer for him to eat whenever the mood strikes him.

Tedd loves breakfast burritos, so I figured I’d start there. I’m not sure who got him into these as I HATE McDonald’s breakfasts, but someone led him into the underworld of grease and fast food in the AM and he has yet to return from the brink.  Below is a record of my efforts to bring him a fresh (but frozen) take on the breakfast burrito.

Start with the ingredients:

1/3 c. chopped onion
1/3 c. chopped red pepper
1/2 c. chopped ham
1/2 c. shredded cheese of your liking
1/4 c. water or milk
9 eggs
1 tbs. butter
10 flour tortillas


If you have extra ham around from a holiday or a Sunday dinner, that’s awesome. We didn’t, so I bought a ham steak. It comes fully cooked, but my family  likes it cooked more thoroughly than it is when it comes out of the package.  I set the ham to heat and brown while I chopped the onion and pepper.  The cool part of this is what’s left in the pan when the ham is done cooking.  There’s a layer of hammy yumminess that lives on the bottom of your pan…embrace this flavor booster!  I removed the ham, dropped in the butter, and tossed in the veggies to saute.  Not only do they get a chance to release their flavors by cooking, but they also absorbed the flavor of the ham. Awesomeness.

IMG_1752[1]   IMG_1755[1]  IMG_1756[1]

While these cooked, I whisked together the eggs and water.  I used to add milk to my scrambled eggs until I watched a cooking show that discussed the difference between using milk and water.  Turns out using water creates fluffier eggs, so I made a change 🙂


Check out this epic egg-cracking fail.  My only defense lies in the polka dot mug you can see in the background…that was my first cup of coffee this AM and it wasn’t even half done yet…

Turn the heat to low and add the whisked eggs to the pan. Chop up the ham and toss that in. Bring the heat up to medium-low, but don’t go above this temperature during any of the cooking.  Slow and low is the best way to produce good scrambled eggs!  Add the cheese once the egg mixture has started to set up. Mix it through until the eggs are done. Don’t overcook them!

IMG_1759[1]  IMG_1760[1]  IMG_1762[1]  IMG_1763[1]

Lay out a tortilla and spoon some of your egg mixture into the middle.  I gauged how much to use by thinking of what I’d serve my son if I had just made scrambled eggs. Then I spooned this amount onto the tortilla.  In terms of folding, I wanted to make my burittos into more of a pocket than an actual burrito.  I wanted them a little more hand-sized and easier to eat.  I’m also unconcerned with the precision of the roll, as you can see below 🙂

IMG_1764[1]  IMG_1765[1]

I decided to put the recipe to the test immediately and gave one of the hot burritos to Tedd to taste test.  The results are below. Notice the side of ham on his plate…he’s forever a carnivore.

IMG_1766[1]  IMG_1770[1]  IMG_1771[1]

So after I confirmed they were yummy, I waited for the eggs to cool, then made the rest of the pockets using my own method of folding.

IMG_1772[1]  IMG_1773[1]  IMG_1774[1]

IMG_1777[1]  IMG_1778[1]  IMG_1779[1]

When I had them rolled up, I wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them as flat as possible into a large ziploc baggie.  I tossed them into then freezer, cleaned up and I was done.  In about 20 minutes, I had made six breakfast burritos!

IMG_1780[1]  IMG_1781[1]

The best way to heat these is to thaw them in the fridge the night before, then microwave for about 45 seconds.

I hope you give these a try! Let me know what you think!



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