Frozen Breakfasts – Waffles

If your morning is anything like mine, every second counts. I can’t send my kid off to school without a proper breakfast, but I also can’t spend 30 minutes preparing a home cooked meal. At least not without some planning…

Pintrest is my new best friend. I’m finding tons of great recipes daily and I can’t wait to try them all. Here’s number one 🙂

I made waffles tonight from scratch. The mix of spices and buttermilk created a really flavorful waffle. Interested? Try The Very Best Waffles.

The best part? I made a double batch so I could freeze them 🙂  After they cooled I put them on a cookie sheet in a single layer, tossed them in the freezer for an hour, then bagged them up. Doubling the recipe made enough to fill two gallon sized freezer bags. Now Tedster can grab a couple of homemade waffles, toss them in the toaster, and get ready for school while they heat up.  Voila! Homemade breakfast on the go!


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